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Instead of the one-room tenement that now appears in most accounts of her upbringing, we found a well-kept neighbourhood of red-brick Arts and Craft-style houses which have long been home to respectable black families. Number 7436 South Euclid Avenue - a classical reference to the Greek mathematician which found an appropriate echo in Michelle's subsequent respect for traditional learning - even has a small garden, shaded by a large elm tree, and an ornate stone bench.Scroll down for more..."Michelle was from a middle-class family," confirmed one of her long-time friends, Angela Acree. The South Side of Chicago has long had its share of gang-infested housing 'projects' but with the University of Chicago hospital close by, there were plenty of white professionals in the area as well as hard-working families in the Robinsons' own image.Television was all but banned in favour of homework, debates about the issues of the day and improving games of chess. Once she had arrived amid the fauxgothic precincts, however, she found herself surrounded by spoilt white students from wealthy families.Bright and determined, Michelle was awarded a place at one of Chicago's first 'magnet' schools, which offered special programmes for gifted children. She, in contrast, was obliged to take out loans to pay her way and this rankled, as she revealed in a 1985 thesis.Indeed, according to family friends, Michelle's father was a volunteer organiser for the city's Democratic Party, a by-word for machine politics in America, and his loyalty was rewarded with a well-paid engineering job at Chicago's water plant.Even before overtime, he earned ,686 - 25 per cent more than High School teachers at the time.

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Yes, Michelle Obama is a glamorous lawyer with a big salary, a bigger house and a husband with one hand on the Presidency, but never forget that this is also the little black girl from Chicago who overcame the odds to change the face of American politics. Her impact on the race for the Democratic nomination has been enormous, and never more so than in the past few days, when victories in Hawaii and Wisconsin have seemed to give her husband near unstoppable momentum.

If Barack's gifted oratory has won the hearts of sophisticated young urbanites, it is Michelle who has delivered the crucial female vote and the support of the working classes, including the blacks and Hispanics who had once been solidly for Hillary Clinton.

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By the time she was 13, she was taking a college-level biology course. The document, now locked away by the university until after the election in November, betrays an angry, campaigning brand of politics which in no way fits with the mild-mannered advocate of common sense now winning hearts and minds from coast to coast.

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